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  • Instant DAILY Lesson Plan Guides
  • Educational leadership from the experts in art, history, writing, reading, &  entrepreneurship
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Equipping your children to stand tall in critical thinking and character  formation

Panic is pandemic right now, isn’t it?  Fear is going viral even faster than a virus.

There is a wave of mamas who just got an email handing them the tall task of  teaching their children from home.

Overnight, thousands became homeschoolers.  Life as we know it is stopping and changing.

A little secret from the homeschooling world is that we don’t keep anything a  secret; we do it as a community, as a tribe.

Kim Frassett has been leaps and bounds ahead of us for decades.  She started homeschooling out of her garage and wrote an innovative  curriculum that empowers the parent to educate their children by shattering the  rules of a traditional textbook education. She dared to teach us to use creativity  and play to achieve new standards in truth and beauty.

She is the CEO and Founder of Terra Arts. Thousands have taken her courses  and now a second generation is spreading this innovative way to learn.

She has made many insusceptible to pandemonium.  Wise in the face of worry. Peaceful and purposeful in the face of panic.

This could be a moment of madness or a moment of mastery.

We as mamas must not be shortsighted in our thinking; we must learn to think  with an endgame in mind.

We must be prepared parents.  We must lead our children in peace, purpose and the pursuit of excellence.

We are the CEO of our family.

We must lean into the mastery of those who have been shaping generations for  decades.

We must find the masters who are so renowned in their expertise in education, their audience is global.

We must open our hearts, minds, and homes to the educational coaching and  teaching of the experts.

Terra Arts is the premier arts-based learning center of Orange County.  Arguably, the premier liberal arts learning center in the world.   We are coming online to partner with you from where you are, as you are.

C.C. Evans-Puglise, M.A., MFT, PsyD, is a psychoanalyst and concierge mindset  coach who knows attitude is not something we bootstrap and will-power  ourselves into but something we learn, master and deliver for the sake of our  families. She knows attitude soars in the atmosphere of the like-minded, in a  community founded on excellence, truth, and beauty.

  • Do you feel restless and uneasy about the educational choices available for your children?
  • Are you motivated to secure something better?
  • Do you want your students to learn about the real, not virtual, world by developing real skills?
  • Let's adopt a new mindset and do something different.
  • Let's disrupt the status quo.
  • Let's tear down what doesn't work and build a brand new way to learn
  • Let's live history, make art, do the impossible. Together!
  • Let's love to learn again!

Kim Frassett

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