Science: Light Waves

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Book Read-Alouds (just for fun, especially on a rainy day!

Optional Activities/Homework:

  • Work on your science project! (It will be due next time we meet)
  • Reflection/Refraction worksheet
  • EM Spectrum Worksheet for older students
  • Light and Shadows Worksheet
  • Try this fun experiment to make a rainbow at home! Or try it this way with a bowl, mirror and phone
  • Make a color wheel
  • Observe refraction by putting a straw or pencil or any utensil in a glass half-filled with water
  • Go around your house and make a list of at least 5 transparent, translucent, and opaque items (for a total of 15)
  • Go on a rainbow hunt! With so much rain in the forecast, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one. The best time to do this is right as the rain stops and the sun starts to peek out from behind the clouds (Mrs. Knox took this photo in Huntington last Friday at about 6:00pm).


Optional Supplemental Texts for this year:

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